What is Myndband?

Did that photographer with a beautiful fashion showreel mess up your product shoot?
Was the food stylist not a great choice for art direction
Need an automotive photographer, but finding only a street photographer in your budget?
Did you hire a traditional filmmaker to make digital content?
Stop. Stop Compromise. Cause we might have solutions to all your visual content problems.
Myndband is a glocal platform to connect brands to visual creators and form teams to deliver on point photo, video and animated content specifically sculpted for the brand needs.

Who are we?

We have been clients, marketers, filmmakers, producers, directors, photographers and along the way we socialized, made friends and we built a community of 100s just like us. This platform is about finding the right creators from our community, get quotes and chose the right fit. As a brand manager, client service rep, creative director or even an entrepreneur now you don't have to call a million places or visit thousands websites to find the right people to get the content you want., cause we've got you covered for all that, in one place.

what is our vision?

Our Vision is to organize the visual content market place, connect brands with the right creative teams while producing some kickass visual content that feel proud to call ours, and yours of course. With every handpicked team, each film, video, photo or animation should be a creative leap.

Need a Project?

Let us know what you're looking for in an agency. We'll take a look and see if this could be the start of something beautiful.

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